Congratulations and Welcome to the FOUNDERS TABLE.

Congratulations Future Partner, Welcome To 10kCards

Congratulations and Welcome to the FOUNDERS TABLE.

BECOME AN AMBASSADOR and receive 25% on daily sales.

For excited and motivated 10kcard holders who are willing to USE & PROMOTE the Digital or Video Business Card while earning 25% commission on sales, The AMBASSADORS Program is for you.

How Do I Benefit as an Ambassador?

As an ambassador, the cost of setting up your custom branded 10Kcards Website will be covered by one of our Partners, preferably the partner that introduces you to 10Kcards. The only step you will be required to take is investing in your Video Business Card.

How must do I earn as An Ambassador?

As an Ambassador you’ll be able to earn 25% on all sales, even on the customers that choose to pay $10/month.

– At any time the Ambassador is able to upgrade into a partnership with 10KCards and increase their revenue on each direct sale to 50%.

Also when you invite future partners to join 10kcards. You will receive 50% of their enrollment cost.

Plus whenever they generate weekly sales, you will receive a 10% bonus from 10K Cards based on the total revenue generated by your newly inducted partner.

Remember it’s easy to get started